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Celebrating Strength, Perseverance, and Triumph Over Challenges

Although I have received recognition, awards and accolades in response to many years of advocacy work and visibility as a cancer survivor in the community, my goal has simply been to inform and encourage others. I have been helped by so many along the path of discovery and recovery, and have learned and grown very much in the process. I am blessed with the opportunity to share my experiences with you and have created a website for that purpose. The pages herein represent a glimpse at my journey. I have provided links to websites and other resources wherever possible.

I wish you health, peace, courage, joy and evolution of mind and spirit.

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Peace is Big Peace is Big Unwatchable Unwatchable A Revolution Makes A Scary Noise A Revolution Makes A Scary Noise Trinity Trinity Maternal Mortality Maternal Mortality Hotcomb in the Kitchen 2 Hotcomb in the Kitchen 2 Honor Time Honor Time Hotcomb in the Kitchen Hotcomb in the Kitchen Eagle Eyed Grateful Lady Eagle Eyed Grateful Lady Tea Angel Tea Angel Silver Fox Silver Fox I Used to Be a Can of Spray I Used to Be a Can of Spray Harlem Keyhole Harlem Keyhole Obara Obara Laughing Red Bull Laughing Red Bull Rule #72 Rule #72 Sashay Sashay

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"Still I Rise"
Vocals: mZuri
Lyrics: Percy Badey

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